The state of the art department of ENT or Otorhinolaryngology at  Mission Hospital is dedicated to provide medical and surgical management and treatment of the disorders of Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) and those related to the regions of Head and Neck.

The common disorders of ENT being dealt with at the department include the following but not limited to:


Ears – The common disorders of ear include infections of ear, ear discharge, hearing loss, balance disorders (vertigo), tinnitus and some of the disorders of cranial nerves. Some of the conditions related to congenital disorders of outer and inner ear are also treated at the department of ENT at Mission Hospital

Nose – The most common problem related to nose includes Allergic rhinitis, Deviated Nasal septum and chronic sinusitis. One of the primary skills of the Otorhinolaryngologist is the care of the nasal cavity and sinuses. Some other problems related to nasal area include allergies, polyps, nasal obstruction, nasal bleeding, tumours and smell disorders.

Throat – The problems involving this vital area may include problems related to speech, singing, swallowing and eating a meal. The otolaryngologists have the expertise of managing the diseases of throat, larynx, oesophagus and disorders of swallowing and voice disorders. 

The Head and Neck – The problems related to the region of Head and Neck being treated by otolaryngologists include benign and malignant tumours, facial trauma, facial palsy and deformities of the face.